Descent of Heavenly Nile

Descent of Heavenly Nile = 20 May = Birth of Christ O Aten of daytime, great in glory! All distant lands, You make them live. You made a heavenly Nile descend for them. With waves beating on the mountains like the sea, to drench their fields and their towns. How excellent are your ways, O Lord of Eternity! The Nile from heaven for foreign peoples and all land-creatures that walk on legs. For Egypt the Nile from the Duat. Your rays nurse all fields. When You shine they live, they grow for You. You made the seasons, so that all that You made may come to life. For thou hast set a Nile in heaven, That it may descend for them and make waves upon the mountains, Like the great green sea… [Hymn to Aton, period of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten, 1380-1362) (Wright, p. 11) http://www.infidelguy.com/heaven_sky.htm