Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: zibi m. (also written {zivi}) N. of a Rishi (having the patr. Ausinara and supposed author of RV. x , 179) Anukr. of a king (renowned for his liberality and unselfishness , and said to have saved Agni transformed into a dove from Indra transformed into a hawk by offering an equal quantity of his own flesh weighed in a balance) MBh. Hariv. Pur. (pl.) a people descended from Sibi MBh. Hariv. VarBr2S. N. of a son of Indra MBh. of Indra in the fourth Manv-antara (v.l. {zikhin}) of a son of Manu Cakshusha BhP. ; of a Daitya (son of Samhrada) MBh. a king of the Sibis VarBrS. a beast of prey L. ; the birch tree (= {bhUrja}) Typha Angustifolia L.