dhavala mf({A})n. (fr. 2. {dhAv}? cf. Un2. i , 108 Sch.) white , dazzling white Var. Ka1v. Pur. &c. handsome , beautiful L. m. white (the colour) L. a kind of dove Bhpr. an old or excellent bull Hcar. a kind of camphor L. Anogeissus Latifolia L. (in music) N. of a Ra1ga N. of a man Kathas. of one of the elephants of the quarters R. of a dog {A} and {I}) f. a white cow Ka1d. {I}) f. white hair (as a kind of disease) L. N. of a river L. n. white pepper L. a kind of metre (= {-lAGka}) N. of a town Kathas.