Feng Shui Compass

Feng Shui Compass Feng Shui Compass lists the final three as: Ring 18. 5 Elements Ring 19. 28 Constellations Ring 20. I Ching Readings http://www.smilingbamboo.com/feng-shui-articles/fengshui_articles-historyofthefengshuicompass.php The Chinese Feng Shui compass can be classified into three types. They are the San He, San Yuan and Chong He compass. http://www.absolutelyfengshui.com/fengshui/chinese-feng-shui-compass.php To the south it points to the Hsuan-Yuan constellation, hence to the hsiu Hsing and therefore to the hsiu Hsu in the north, along the axis Ting-Kuei. http://www.smith.edu/hsc/museum/ancient_inventions/compass2.html The predecessors were called Si Nan and Shi Pan.