7 Lunar Mansions of the Blue/Green Dragon

7 Lunar Mansions of the Blue/Green Dragon Horns, Neck, Root, Chamber, Heart, Tail, Basket Hsiu 01. Jiao Hsiu 02. Kang Hsiu 03. Di Hsiu 04. Fang Hsiu 05. Xin Hsiu 06. Wei Hsiu 07. Ji Nakshatras Citra, Svati, Vishaka, Anuradha, Rohini, Mula, Purva-Asadha Eastern Azure Dragon (7 Lunar Mansions) R.A. 12h to 18h, Dec -50 to +50degrees 1 Horn Mansion (11 asterisms) Horn, Flat Road, Celestial Farmland, Recommending Virtuous Men, Tripod of the Zhou, Celestial Gate, Judging, Arsenal, Pillars, Railings, Southern Gate) 2- Neck Mansion (7 asterisms) Neck, Great Horn, Right Conductor, Left Conductor, Trials, Gate of Yang, Executions -3 Root Mansion (11 asterisms) Root, Celestial Milk, Twinkling Indicator, Celestial Lance, Mattress of the Emperor, Boats and Lake, Battle Chariots, Imperial Guards, Chariots and Cavalry, Celestial Spokes, Chariot and Cavalry General 4- Room Mansion (7 asterisms) Room (with Lock), Door Bolt, Punishment, Eastern Door, Western Door, Sun, Retinue 5- Heart Mansion (2 asterisms) Heart, Group of Soldiers 6- Tail Mansion (5 asterisms) Tail (with Changing Room), Tortoise, Celestial River, Fuyue, Fish 7- Winnowing Basket (3 asterisms) Winnowing Basket, Chaff, Pestle http://kmleong.multiply.com/photos/album/53