7 Lunar Mansions of White Tiger

7 Lunar Mansions of the White Tiger Hsiu 15. Kui Hsiu 16. Lou Hsiu 17. Wei Hsiu 18. Mao Hsiu 19. Bi Hsiu 20. Zi Hsiu 21. San White Tiger (7 Lunar Mansions) R.A. 0h to 6h, Dec -50 to +50degrees - Legs (9 asterisms) Legs, Outer Fence, Celestial Pigsty, Master of Constructions, Southern Military Gate, Flying Corridor, Auxiliary Road, Wangliang, Whip - Bond (6 asterisms) Bond, Official in Charge of the Forest, Official in Charge of Pasturing, Square Celestial Granary, Ricks of Grain, Great General of Heaven - Stomach (7 asterisms) Stomach, Celestial Foodstuff, Circular Celestial Granary, Mausoleum, Celestial Boat, Heap of Corpses, Stored Water - Hairy Head (9 asterisms) Hairy Head, Celestial River, Moon, Celestial Yin Force, Hay, Celestial Meadows, Rolled Tongue, Celestial Slander, Whetstone - Net (14 asterisms) Net (with Whisper), Celestial Street, Celestial Tally, Feudal Kings, Celestial High Terrace, Interpreters of Nine Dialects, Five Chariots, Pillars, Celestial Pier, Pool of Harmony, Celestial Gate, Banner of Three Stars, Imperial Military Flag, Celestial Orchard - Turtle Beak (3 asterisms) Turtle Beak, Deity in Charge of Monsters, Seat Flags - Three Stars (6 asterisms) Three Stars (with Punishment), Jade Well, Screen, Military Well, Toilet, Excrement http://kmleong.multiply.com/photos/album/53