kazyapa kazyapa mfn. (fr. {kazya} + 2. {pa}) having black teeth Comm. on KatySr. x , 2 , 35 m. a tortoise ({kacchapa}) VS. xxiv , 37 AitBr. SBr. a sort of fish W. a kind of deer (cf. {kAzyapa}) L. a class of divine beings associated with Prajapati AV. TS. VS. ({As}) m. pl. a class of semidivine genii connected with or regulating the course of the sun AV. xiii , 1 , 23 TAr. i , 8 ParGr. ii , 9 , 13 N. of a mythical Rishi AitBr. SBr. of an ancient sage VS. AV. &c. , (a descendant of Marici and author of several hymns of the Rig-veda RV. AV. SBr. he was husband of Aditi and twelve other daughters of Daksha MBh. i , 2598 Mn. ix , 129 ; by Aditi he was father of the Adityas [cf. {kAzyapeya}] TS. S3Br. ; and of Vivasvat R. ; and of Vishnu in his {vAmana@avatAra} R. BhP. VP. ; by his other twelve wives he was father of demons , nagas , reptiles , birds , and all kinds of living things ; from the prominent part ascribed to him in creation he is sometimes called Praja1-pati ; he is one of the seven great Rishis and priest of Parasu-rama and Rama-candra ; he is supposed by some to be a personification of races inhabiting the Caucasus , the Caspian , Kasmir , &c.) ; a patronymic from Kasyapa S3Br. the author of a Dharmasastra called Kasyahollara-samhita the constellation Cancer (cf. Pers. {kashaf}) VP. ; ({As}) m. pl. the descendants of Kasyapa AitBr. AsvSr. ({A}) f. a female Rishi (authoress of a verse in the White Yajur-veda).