External ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SYSTEM External is one of the options on the Choice Box. It refers to dataases in libraries and other sources on the Internet, in contrast to Internal dataases within the SUMS system. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choices K Choices S Choices G Choices Internal Internet Libraries The SUMS System is based on the idea of Choices in Levels which appear as one proceeds at different levels of compelxity. Inpermanent choices relating to specific subjects and knowledge packages occur as Related Terms, Translations, Variant Names, See Also in the left hand column. Permanent choices occur in the Choices Box in the right hand margin. Advanced users will notice that some of these permanent choices are particularly pertinent. To this end the Choices box has initially one and potentially three lines of shortcut links, namely: Basic Intermediate Advanced + - Choices Levels Internal External Exact, Prefix, Substring Refresh Choices takes us the 10 basic Choices Level takes us to the 10 basic Levels Intternal takes us back to the Internal System External takes us to Libraries. Mmemory Instiutionsd and other resources external to the SUMS databases.