Fata is linked with the Planets-Fate as is the basis of Fa in the Octave. The only female deity, which in the Aquileia of the Roman period corresponds to the figure of Živa, is Fata. From this period, the following inscription has been preserved, which was dedicated to her: Fatis divin(is) et barbaric(is) v(otum) s(olvit) l(ibens) m(merito) Postumia P. L. Callirhoe. This inscription is found on an altar, which had been erected by a liberta (liberated woman) called Postumia Callirhoe. Thus, in this inscription the deity is denoted as Fata diva barbarica, i.e., the non-Roman (barbarica) goddess Fata. In contrast to the opinion of several scholars, this divinity cannot be equated with Matrona, a Celtic deity, which also corresponds to the great mother goddess. http://www.carantha.net/slovenian_mythology__slovensko_bajeslovje_.htm