Sprung from Rock

Sprung from Rock The most important element in Midian-Nabataean religion seems to be the massive rock: out of this rectangular stone the god Dusares was born. The rock was the cultic representation of the cubic, primordial, massive darkness split by the new-born Dusares, as seen on the two sculptures (below) showing a winged, strong child separating the two serpents who, intertwined, were the symbol of massive darkness. He is pictured as a very strong baby grasping two snakes rising from the earth between two winged lions. The lions are also putting their paw on the snake thereby helping the god in keeping them apart. The picture wants to show the god as the master of the helping lion-demons. Another stone slab shows the same picture of the god as a winged child keeping two sphinxes apart with snakes formed as scimitars. The winged sphinxes have tails that are coiling back into themselves, creating the form of 8 – a very unnatural shape for a leopard´s tail. The sphinxes symbolise death and massive darkness kept at a distance by the kundalini power used as the scimitar splitting up primordial massive matter. The coiled tail makes the sphinx not only a symbol of death, but also the symbol of kundalini in its lowest aspect as massive matter closed/coiled around itself. Dusares is the sun hero creating a path for the light in primordial mashttp://langkjer.dk/origin/2-03.htmsive darkness.
Mithra born from rock