6 Beats

6 Beats Mantra Driven Chakra Visualization. Next, try something different with this meditation. The clockwise rotation is the same. But now; Om is the Crown/Third Eye Chakra. Ma is the Throat and Ni the Heart. Pad the Gut and Me the reproductive glands. Hum is the legs, feet, and grounding to the Earth. Feel the Six Beat Mantra pulsate down through these Chakras, awakening hidden energies. Our body IS the Prayer Wheel. While we are chanting, each beat of a six beat mantra corresponds to one of six physical chakras: 6. The Brow - Om = Universal Harmony 5. The Throat - Ma 4. The Heart - Ni = Mani; The Priceless Jewel Cintâmani or Nyoihôshu 3. The Solar Plexus - Pad 2. The reproductive organs. - Ma(Me)= Padma; the Blue/Purple Lotus 1: The Root - Hum (Hung) = Waves of Jihi, or Metta & Karuna http://www.fraughtwithperil.com/blogs/rbeck/archives/000883.html