Kamasura When Lord Vishnu had gone to Vrinda for penance to defeat Jaalandhar at that time because of his semen Kamasura was created. Kamasura went to the Guru of all Demons Shukraharya and took the Shiva Panchaskhara (AUM NAMAHA SHVAYA||) mantra and went to the forest to practice severe penance in order to please Lord Shiva. After severe penance he managed to please Lord Shiva who asked him to ask for a boon. He asked Shiva to make him immortal and make him the king of the Triloka. He returned to his Guru and then Guru Shukracharya made him the king of all the Asuras (Demons). He established a wonderful city and the capital was Sundar Ratida . He appointed Ravana, Samvas, Mahesh, Bali, and Durmad as the commander of the army. http://www.urday.com/vikat.html