moha Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary m. (1. {muh} ; ifc. f. {A}) loss of consciousness , bewilderment , perplexity , distraction , infatuation , delusion , error , folly AV. &c. &c. ({moham-brU} , to say anything that leads to error {mohaM-yA} , to fall into error {mohAt} ind. through folly or ignorance) ; fainting , stupefaction , a swoon MBh. Ka1v. &c. (in phil.) darkness or delusion of mind (preventing the discernment of truth and leading men to believe in the reality of worldly objects) (with Buddhists) ignorance (one of the three roots of vice Dharmas. 139) a magical art employed to bewilder an enemy (= {mohana}) Cat. wonder , amazement Infatuation personified (as the offspring of Brahma) VP.