Vajrajana Vajrayana is seen as a branch of Mahayana. Practiced mainly in Tibet, but in Japan has a strong hold with the Shingon 真言 and Tendai 天台 sects. These latter Japanese sects are known in Japan as Esoteric Buddhism (Mikkyo, Mikkyō, 密教). http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/schools-three-vehicles.shtml Vajrayana Buddhism lays great emphasis on mantras (incantations), mudras (hand gestures) and mandalas (diagrams of the deities and cosmic forces), as well as on magic and a multiplicity of deities. http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/vajrayana-buddhism.html Mudra Body Kaya Mantra Speech Vak Mandala Mind Citta Bajracharya, 2003, 17