vallabha mf({A})n. (Un2. iii , 125) beloved above all , desired , dear to (gen. loc. , or comp.) MBh. Ka1v. &c. dearer than (abl.) Pan5cat. iv , 28 supreme , superintending L. a favourite , friend , lover , husband Kav. Kathas. &c. a cowherd L. (prob. w.r. for {ballava}) a horse (esp. one with good marks or a favourite horse) a kind of Agallochum Gal. N. of a son of Balakasva MBh. of the founder of a Vaishnava sect = {vallabhAcArya} q.v.) of a grammarian and various other writers and teachers (also with {gaNaka} and {nyAyAcArya}) Cat. {A}) f. a beloved female , wife , mistress R. Kalid. N. of two plants (= {ativiSa} and {priyaGgu}) {I}) f. N. of a city in Gujarat (the capital of a line of kings).