Vajrasattva is the esoteric form of Samantabhadra http://www.kheper.net/topics/Buddhism/dhyanibuddhas.html Samantabhadra - Vajrasattva Vajrasattva - Visva-Tara Vajrasattvatmika Vajrasattva (Vajrasattva Marga) means Good Will, Divine Will or Diamond Goodness and it’s the path of developing fiery, radial Power of God’s Will and Force. Vajralaya, as we can also call this Eternal Path, is a four-leveled path of Laya Yoga, established by Spiritual Master of the Ray of God’s Will and Power for the souls joining his heavenly temple called in esotericism of East as Paksala, which is a station for the souls walking the Path (Marga). It is a stage of the journey to Shambala (Agartha). All initiated in the Diamond Path create the spiritual community called Vajrasattva Sangha – so the Community of Good Will. http://www.himalaya-tirtha.org/en/vajrasattva,15,,list.html