Aeon Trees

Aeon Trees (Kalpadruma) The Aeon Trees (Kalpadruma) are identified with resolution as any act undertaken with resolution is fruitful. The six seasons are identified with the six tastes of a human being. ... Dakini, Rakini &c. preside over the alchemical physical bases of skin, blood, flesh, fat, bone, marrow. The last of these yoginis presides over the highest dhatu, highest as it forms the physical basis for new life -- ova/semen. In this form she is truly limitless, as she manifests as the Aeon Tree (Kalpadruma). The Dakinis and Rakinis &c. are pictured as terrifying as they consuners of the food one ingests. http://people.tribe.net/a34aaed9-4767-452b-8a10-1c272d119d8e/blog/99187de1-327c-4b1d-8687-6c52896f0e70