8 Spiritual States

Spiritual States Hachibushu Tenbu Deva Indra = chief : 33 gods of Vedas: control world of desire. Above is Brahma in the realm of pure of desire including Four heavens of Meditation in realm of form and Fourfold Realm of Formlessness . Devas= Sura who have ambrosia. Ryu Nagas. Control rivers , lakes, seas, represent instinctive forces in nature Yasha Yaksa, guardian of directions and wealth Kandatsuba Gandharva, celestial musicians, Dhrtarastra, Protector of the Nation, Strong is their lord. Ashura Asura, demons personal demons 3 heads 6 arms defender of dharma Karura Garuda enemy of nagas, carries cintamani Kinnara Kinnara , heads of men, bodies of birds or horses, musicians Magoraka Mahoraga, uncontolled attachment, monstrous snake Daikokuten Mahakala, Time, Patron god of farmers and peasants http://www.ece.lsu.edu/kak/VedicJapan.pdf sun disk, magic mallet (with male and female symbols) fulfills all desires