12 Contemplations

12 Bhāvanā (Contemplations) Anitya - Impermanence. Everything is impermanent except the soul. Aśaraṇa - No lasting shelter in this constantly changing world except Moksha, or liberation. Saṃsāra - The temporal world is impermanent. Only Moksha is permanent. Ekatva - Oneness with the soul Anyatva - Otherness with all persons and things other than the soul Aśucitva - The body is full of filth. Hence, identification with and attachment for this mortal body is futile. Āsrava - Influx. Deluded worldly beings suffer from the constant influx of bondage-causing karmas to the soul. Samvara - Stoppage. The stoppage of the influx of bondage-causing karmas to the soul. Nirjarā - Shedding. The shedding of bondage-causing karmas from the soul. Dharmasvākhyāta - Dharma is self-realizable. Loka - The Universe in all its forms Bodhidurlabha - It is difficult, well nigh impossible to attain correct understanding of the soul and the true path to liberation. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jain_philosophy