maGgala n. (accord. to Un2. v , 70 fr. {maGg}) happiness , felicity , welfare , bliss (also pl. ; ifc. f. %{A}) Mn. MBh. &c. anything auspicious or tending to a lucky issue (e.g. a good omen , a prayer , benediction , auspicious ornament or amulet , a festival or any solemn ceremony on important occasions &c. ; cf. mfn. below) Kaus. MBh. Kav. &c. a good old custom ParGr. Mn. a good work MBh. BhP. (in music) a partic. composition Samgit. N. of the capital of Udyana Buddh. m. N. of Agni Grihyas. of the planet Mars of a king belonging to the race of Manu of a Buddha Lalit. of a poet Cat. of a chief of the Calukyas i the smell of jasmine {A}) f. the white- and blue-flowering Durva grass a sort of Karanja turmeric a faithful wife N. of Uma of Dakshsyani (as worshipped in Gaya) Cat. of the mother of the 5th Arhat of the present Avasarpini. {I}) f. g. {gaurAdi} mf({A})n. auspicious , lucky Hcat. having the scent of jasmine L