3 Oceans

3 Oceans Ocean of Wisdom                          
cf. Ocean of Milk Ocean of Nectar Ocean of Ambrosia Ocean of Compassion Ocean of Mercy
correspond to the 3 Bodhisattvas: Wisdom Power Compassion
                               and 3 Gunas: Satva Potentiality Rajas Agency Tamas Actuality and
                                      Christian Thought Word Deed
                              and reflect the 3 Pure Ones
Primordial Heavenly Worthy cf.Holy Spirit Reverend Yuan Shi of Yu Qing holds flaming pearl symbolizing creation of the Universe
Spiritual Treasure Heavenly Worthy cf. Son Reverend Ling Bao of Shang Qing Yang holds wish fulfilling ornament Ru Yi Chi
Supreme Way Heavenly Worthy. cf. Father