Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 1 nidAna mfn. reproached , ridiculed ib. 2 nidAna n. a band , rope , halter RV. vi , 32 , 6 MBh. a first or primary cause (cf. {ni-bandhana}) RV. x , 114 , 2 Br. Kath. original form or essence ({ena} ind. originally , essentially , properly) Br. (with Buddh.) a cause of existence (12 in number) MWB. 56 ; 103 any cause or motive DivyAv. the cause of a disease and enquiry into it , pathology (= {nidAna-sthAna} q.v.) L. ; = {nidAna-sUtra} Cat. cessation , end L. purification , correctness L. claiming the reward of penitential acts L. {-tattva} n. {-pradIpa} m. N. of wks. {-vat} ({nidAna-}) mfn. funded on a cause , essential TBr. Kath. {-vid} mfn. knowing the causes or symptoms of a disease BhP. {-saMgraha} m. N. of a medic. wk. ; {-sUtra} n. N. of wk. on metres and Vedic Stomas {-sthAna} , ii. the subject of the causes of diseases , pathology (one of the 5 departments of medic. science) Susr. ; {-dAnArthakara} mfn. operating as a cause Bhpr.