6 Great Worlds (History)

6 Great Worlds In the tradition of the Essenes this began as: 2 Great Worlds
These commingled to form 4 Great Worlds and subsequently became: 6 Great Worlds:
Olam 1. Olam d-Dakia Qadmonia (Worlds of Primordial Purity)
Olam 2. Olam d-Alaha (Worlds of Gods)
Olam 3. Olam d-Yabarut (Worlds of Uthras)
Olam 4. Olam d-Malkut (Worlds of Angels)
Olam 5. Olam d-Nasut (Worlds of Humans)
Olam 6. Olam d-Hshukha (Worlds of Darkness) http://essenes.net/new/worlds6great.html
4 Worlds
4 Worlds: Hebrew
6 Dharma Realms