Yuzataq Yuzataq, Yu-za-tag- An epithet attached to Manda d Hiia. (Holy Spirit) http://essenes.net/32mandaicgods.html When any human being departeth from his body, there come towards him seven godlike appearances , and each standeth by his own, And Sauriel the Releaser cometh -- he who releaseth spirit and soul from the body. Up there, with those works, he standeth with the vesture of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia which releaseth (the soul). And Hauraran and Karkawan-Ziwa remove from her that in her which is of the body, and she putteth on the dress of Yuzataq- Manda-d-Hiia. Garment on garment she putteth on, she arrayeth herself in robe after robe, When she weareth the vesture of Yuzataq- Manda-d-Hiia there, she laugheth, rejoiceth, leapeth for joy, danceth, exulteth and is overjoyed about the glorious splendour resting (upon her) and the glory that accrueth to her. Onward she goeth in the vesture of Yuzataq-Manda-d-Hiia, The planets who are in their places were out of coutenance on seeing it: they clenched their fists, beat on the forecourt of their breasts and say "Woe on (us) planets! for they (we) are powerless, but the works of Their hands are victorious!" http://www.geocities.com/mandaeanworld1/43-53.html