4 Fold Deity

Fourfold Deity Nazoreans worship a fourfold God -
The Life, Their Light, Power and Wisdom.
Nazoreans have many names for this Deity, taken from many traditions and languages. The Fourfold God is actually four groups of god-goddess pairs.....
Living Ones (God/Purity): Father of Life (Heavenly Father) and Mother of Life (Heavenly Mother) Illumination (Light): Radiant Light (Yeshu-Ziwa/Jesus) and Luminous Light (Miriam-Noorah/ Maiden of Light) Five-fold God (Power): Living Spirit (Male Holy Spirit/Mani) and Living Mother (Female Holy Spirit/Miryai) Enlightenment (Wisdom): Male Light Mind (Prophets/Buddhas like Shenrab) and Female Light Mind (Prophetesses/Dakinis) http://essenes.net/subindex10.htm