rAjan 1 m. (ifc. mostly {-rAja} , esp. in Tat-purushas f. {-rAjan} , {-jA} or {-jJI} ; cf. Pan. 4-1 , 28 Sch.) a king , sovereign , prince , chief (often applied to gods e.g. to Varuna and the other Adityas , to Indra , Yama &c. , but esp. to Soma [also the plant and juice] and the Moon) RV. &c. &c. a man of the royal tribe or the military caste , a Kshatriya AsvSr. ChUp. Mn. &c. (cf. {rAjanya}) a Yaksha L. N. of one of the 18 attendants on Surya (identified with a form of Guha) L. of Yudhi-shthira MBh. ({rAjJAm@indra-mahotsavaH} and {-rAjJAm} {pratibodhaH}N. of wks.) [875,1] ; (%{rA4jJI}) f. see s.v. [Cf. Lat. {rex} Kelt. {rig} , fr. which Old Germ. {rik} ; Goth. {reiks} ; Angl. Sax. {rice} ; Eng. {rich}.]