Shislam http://essenes.net/coronation.html On the day that they set the crown on the Great Šišlam Treasure-of-Life (Simat-Hiia) shone therein ). And in his vesture twelve mirrors were formed Twelve mirrors were fromed in his vesture And seven others in his seal-ring, and five Drops. And eyes perceive therein sublime treasures. They twine the trees with gold And their fruit is pearls. Who, amongst all the kings Will confirm and view the crown That they set on him For ever and aye?’ (CP no. 306). http://essenes.net/coronation.html All jordans assembled, and the Rays (pasimkia), And wellsprings, and the Tannas ) And palms (sindirkia) are interwoven Into the tendrils of the crown And brighten Šišlam -Rba’s crown. http://www.geocities.com/mandaeanworld1/sislam1.html