Infernal Tree of Qelippot

Qelipot The qelippotic equivalent of the supernal triad, Kether, Chokmah and Binah, consists of Tohu (the Formless), Bohu (the Void) and Chashek (the Darkness) respectively. The remaining seven qelippot correspond to seven hells. On the plane of Atziluth, the qelippot have no influence, and so there is no qelippotic equivalent of the Name of God. The qelippot do manifest in the three lower worlds, however: in Briah, the Archangel of each sefira has a corresponding Devil of the qelippa; in Yetsirah each Angelic Host is matched by a Cohort of Demons; and in Assiah each Mundane Chakra has a correlative Infernal Habitation. http://www.byzant.com/Mystical/Kabbalah/Qelippot.aspx