Was Sceptre

The was, a symbol of power and dominion, has a straight shaft, a crooked handle in the shape of an animal head and a forked base http://www.civilization.ca/civil/egypt/egcgov5e.html Physically, a was-scepter consists of a staff with, what many scholars believe to be, the head of a seth or a desert animal at the head, and an open fork at the base. Some have speculated that the head could, at least at times, be in the form of a gazelle, a bird, a snake or some sort of fantastic animal. Others have argued that the fork at the base could actually symbolize legs. Used to support that argument is the fact that was-scepters are sometimes depicted in a personification, having arms added to the staff, but there are other such personifications of objects that would tend to dispute this theory. http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/was-scepter.htm Ptah is portrayed carrying a staff that is a combination of the dijed-pillar of stability, the was-sceptre of power, and the ankh-sign for life. http://www.kenseamedia.com/egyptian_gods/memphis_triad.htm