Jachin - Boaz Terms

Jachin- Boaz
Joachim - Boaz
cf. David- Solomon
Solar Lunar
Male Female
Active Passive
Positive Negative
Expanding Containing
Light Darkness
Doric Corinthian
Jachin prepared, fixed, certain, right, true

"You enter[ed] the Lodge between two columns... The pillar or column on the right, or in the south, was named, as the Hebrew word is rendered in our translation of the Bible, JACHIN: and that on the left BOAZ. Our translators say that the first word means, "He shall establish;" and the second, "In it is strength."...The former word also means he will establish, or plant in an erect position- from the (Hebrew) verb Kun, he stood erect. It probably meant active and vivifying Energy and Force; and Boaz, Stability, Permanence, in the passive sense." 30 http://www.agdei.com/Symbols2.html