3 Sons of Thraetona

3 Sons of Thraetona
Salm, Toz, and Erji
first asks for wealth, the second for valiance, and the third for law and religion, for the khwarenah of the kavi, religious leader, lay upon him.
So Erji receives the better part of the world, Iran and India, while Salm obtains the lands of the West, and Toz those of the East. http://www.themystica.com/mythical-folk/~articles/t/thraetona_the_myth_of%20.html
Wealth, Valiance, Law
Salm, Toz, Erji
West, East, Iran - India
cf, Judgement of Paris
Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.
Power, Wisdom, Beauty