Capricorn - Aquarius

Capricorn- Aquarius In the Western scheme Capricorn is 21 December -20 January Aquarius 21 January - 20 February In the Indian system Capricorn is 14 January - 13 February Aquarius 14 February - 14 March According to Dr. Magee: The god Oannes is remembered in the constellation Capricorn. The constellation depicts a creature with the body of a fish and the foreparts of a goat. That is precisely how Oannes was depicted when he was not shown as a man with water running from his shoulders. John the Baptist was associated with 6 January when the sun was in the midst of the constellation of Capricorn, and this became the traditional date of the baptism of Jesus—his ritual rebirth as a son of God. http://www.geocities.com/mandaeans/birth5b.html Chriist was also linked with Fish. Some sources compare Christ to the Water Bearer (Aquarius) while others compare him with Pisces and refer also to the Great Fish (Ketos, cf. Cetus, cf. ceTa). Given the shift from Hindu to Western calendars it is easy to see how the Capricorn - Aquarius could become a Capricorn - Pisces comparison. Capricorn - Aquarius / Pisces Makara Piscis Austrinus 2 Little Fish CeTa, Cetus Oannes Christ