3 Plans in Avesta

3 Plans in Avesta
Mithra Plan of Creation and its Redemption Planning Power
Maanthra Basic Foundation of Plan and its Fulfillment Shifting and Arranging Power
Yasna Creation of Universe According to the Above Plan Moving and Erecting Power
Mithra, Maanthra, Yasna
Planning Power, Shifting and Arranging Power, Moving and Erecting Power
Nature has in her workingMithra, i.e. the plan of the creation and its redemption (planning power); Maanthra, i.e., the basic foundation of the plan and its fulfillment (shifting and arranging power); and Yasna, i.e., the creation of the Universe according to the above plan, and its motion and manifestation in all its diverse aspects (moving and erecting power). Cited From Website: Avesta.