16 Vowels (Sanskrit)

16 Vowels in Sanskrit One version of the Sanskrit Alphabet has 50 letters: 16 vowels and 34 consonants. The Taitariya Pratishakya refers to 60 Varnas constituting 16 (sacred) vowels and 44 others. 16 16 Petals of Feminine Energy 16 Pure Sounds 16 Red Vowels 16 Vowels in Sanskrit 50 Letters of Sanskrit Alphabet 52 Letters of Sanskrit Alphabet 8 Divine Vowels in Sanskrit
A AUM, primal three sounds of Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva. Negative particle, absence, negation, beyond comprehension, going inward, within, in, life breath, sound which causes vocalization.
1st Kala (mask). 0 (Pali #1) Â Interjection, yes, compassion, pain, regret, nearness, near to, towards, reverse of action, Goddess Lakshmi,
2nd Kala (hider). 34 (Pali #2) I Kamadeva (Cupid) desire, anger, compassion, wonder, awe, to go beyond, reach, undertake, learn, study, approach,
3rd Kala (cool). 68 (Pali #3) Î Kamadeva (Cupid), dejection, pain, sorrow, perception, consciousness, pervade, shine,
4th Kala (controller). 102 (Pali #4) U Second three sounds composing AUM, command, acceptance, interrogation.
5th Kala (seductress). 136 (Pali #5) Û Moon, calling, compassion, protection, of Shiva.
6th Kala (clear). 170 (Pali #6) Ri Obtain, acquire, reach, raise towards, meet with, calling, invoking,
7th Kala (wet). 204 (Pali #7) Rî Ward off, exorcising, fear, demon.
8th Kala (mixed) 238 (Pali #8) Li Clasp, cling to, stick, adhere, hold.
9th Kala (yoni). 272 (Pali #9) Lî Rock, sway, tremble, vibrate.
10th Kala (lustful). 306 (Pali #10) E Of Brahma, creating.
11th Kala (agitator). 340 (Pali #11) Ai Of Shiva, destroying.
12th Kala (giver). 374 (Pali #12) O Of Vishnu, preserving.
13th Kala (bright). 408 (Pali #13) Au Address, naming, calling, invoking.
14th Kala (lover). 442 (Pali #14) Ah End, last, dissolution.
15 Kala (flame). 476 (Pali #15) Am First, beginning, creation.
16th Kala (elixer) 510 (Pali #16)