30 Letters of Tibetan

30 Letters of Tibetan Alphabet
ka kha ga nga cha chha ja nya ta tha da na pa pha ba ma tsa tsha dza wa zha za a ya ra la sha sa ha a
K Root, beginning, power. 1 Kh Face, mouth, front side. 2 G Essence of Buddha, the hidden. 3 Ñ I, constantly changing matter, dissolution. 4 C Noise, cry, clamour, sound. 5 Ch Intelligence, word. 6 J Tea, herb. 7 Ñ Wisdom, knowledge, full moon, vagina. 8 T Door of admission to all things. 9 Th Everything, all, total. 10 D Now, the present moment. 11 N Faith, perseverance. 12 P Pureness, unity of all. 13 Ph Beyond, father, bull, penis. 14 B Prima materia, cow. 15 M Attachment, below, mother, womb. 16 Ts Contemplation, meditation. 17 Tsh Salt, protection. 18 Ds Eternal Mother, beginning of that which is as yet unborn. 19 W Occult science, subtlety. 20 Sh Head covering, celestial river Ganga. 21 Z Food and other life needs. 22 H Humming of ears during meditation. 23 Y Above, up, macrocosm, pair. 24 R Alone, atomic, individual, freedom. 25 L Mountain pass, summit, ascent of a mountain, candle. 26 Ç Perfect peace, avoidance of misery. 27 S Earth, soil, land, purity of intention, holy vows. 28 H Breath, to breathe, delight, ecstasy. 29 Ah Sound which all speaking depends, Primal Deity, seed sylable of lowest Tibetan chakra, root entrance or secret place. 30 http://www.essenes.net/index.php?Itemid=1075&id=755&option=com_content&task=view formerly: