5 Vowels (Tibetan)

A) Earth, Prithivi Tattva. The five organs of action. (Square) Auspicious will stay, roots, of the earth. Plenty, prosperity, abundance, enjoyment.
0 (I) Water, Apas Tattva. The five organs of perception. (Crescent) Benefit, birth, life and death. Plenty of rain, no wants, comfort.30
(U) Fire, Agni or Tejas Tattva. The five elements. (Triangle) Metals, minerals, gains and losses. Drought, subversion, epidemics. 60
(E) Air, Vayu Tattva. The five senses. (Circle) Travel, elsewhere. Confusion, accidents, famine. 90
(O) Ether, Akasa Tattva. Five states of consciousness. (Oval or Egg) Death, void. Want of food and comfort. 120
Prithivi Tattva, Apas Tattva, Agni/Tejas Tatva/ Vayu Tattva, Akasa Tattva
Square, Crescent, Triangle, Circle, Oval or Egg
5 Organs of Action, 5 Organs of Perception, 5 Elements, 5 Senses, 5 States of Consciousness
0 30 60 90 120