Waxing - Waning Half Year Names

Waxing Half Year - Waning Half Year Wilhelm mentioned, that the trigrams original meant the wet and the dry. This means, that the 4 trigrams with broken topline are wet (waxing moon/waning sun ) Earth, Thunder, Water, Lake, and the 4 trigrams with whole topline are dry (waning moon/waxing sun) Heaven, Wind, Fire, Mountain. http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/friends/showthread.php?t=4233 Osiris - Set Bailobog - Czarnobog Bailobog - The white God of the waxing year; Guardian of the summer. Bailobog would defeat his brother in battle every Koliada to take his rightful place as the ruler of the waxing year. At Kupalo, Czarnobog would defeat Bailobog in battle to assume his position of ruler of the waning half of the year. http://lilithgate.atspace.org/articles/pantheon.html