13 Visvadevas

The Visvadevas, literally lords of the universe or all gods were reduced to 10:
1. Vasu
3. Kratu
4. Daksa
5. Kala
6. Kama
7. Dhriti
8. Kuru
10. Madravas
Cited from website: Vedic Pantheon
Some traditions add two more 11. Rocaka or Locana, 12. Dhvani, Dhuri
Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: two others are added by some , viz. 11. Rocaka or Locana , 12. Dhvani [or Dhuri ; or this may make 13]: they are particularly worshipped at Sraddhas and at the Vaisvadeva ceremony [RTL. 416] [992,3] ; moreover accord. to Manu [iii , 90 , 121] , offerings should be made to them daily - these privileges having been bestowed on them by Brahma and the Pitris , as a reward for severe austerities they had performed on the Himalaya: sometimes it is difficult to decide whether the expression {vizve@devAH} refers to all the gods or to the particular troop of deities described above) RV. &c. ; &c.