prajJA f. wisdom , intelligence , knowledge , discrimination , judgment SBr. &c. &c. device , design SBr. Sankhr. a clever or sensible woman W. Wisdom personified as the goddess of arts and eloquence , Sarasvati1 L. a partic. Sakti or energy Hcat. (with Buddh.) true or transcendental wisdom (which is three fold Dharmas. 110) MWB. 126 ; 128 ; the energy of Adi-buddha (through the union with whom the latter produced all things) MWB. 204 Prajna There are three kinds of Prajna: (1) Prajna of languages (2) Prajna of contemplative illumination (3) prajna of the characteristics of actuality http://www.purifymind.com/glossaryP.htm