viSvaJc mf({-SUcI}) n. (fr. 1. {viSu} + 2. {aJc}) going in or turned to both (or all) directions , all-pervading , ubiquitous , general RV. &c. &c. ; going asunder or apart , separated or different from (instr. or abl.) RV. TS. Up. getting into conditions of every kind Gaut. following in inverted order SankhSr. ({-SUcI}) f. the cholera (= {viSUcikA} q.v.) Susr. SarngS. n. the equinox W. ; ({viSvak}) ind. on both (or all) sides , sideways RV. AV. in two AV. iii , 6 , 6 ; in all directions , all around , everywhere RV. &c. &c.