plaksa Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 4 plAkSa f({I})n. belonging or relating to or coming from the Ficus Infectoria TS. AitBr. m. pl. the school of Plakshi Pan. 4-2 , 112 Sch. n. the fruit of the fig-tree L. (with {prasravaNa}) n. N. of the place where the Sarasvati rises , S3rS plakSa m. the waved-leaf fig-tree , Ficus Infectoria (a large and beautiful tree with small white fruit) AV. &c. &c. the holy fig-tree , Ficus Religiosa L. Thespesia Populneoides L. a side door or the space at the space of a door L. = {dvIpa} Pur. N. of a man TBr. (with {prAsravaNa}) = {-prasravaNa} TandBr. SrS. {A}) f. N. of the river Sarasvati MBh. Hariv.