Ida, Pingala, Shushumna

Ida, Pingala, Shushumna are the 3 Nadis or 3 Creative Fires. They correspond to the Ganges, Yamuna and Sarasvati Rivers. In the origina configuration these correpond to three sets of colours: Red Dot, White Dot, Sacred Flame However, the Shushumna is also treated as being Black. So this becomes: Red, White, Black This sequence represents a verbal presentation where the order is: Left, Right, Middle. If this idea is represented visually then the order is: Left, Middle, Right i.e. Ida, Shushumna, Pingala in the manner of a Caduceus. Yama, Niyama, Asana Ptah is portrayed carrying a staff that is a combination of the dijed-pillar of stability, the was-sceptre of power, and the ankh-sign for life. http://www.kenseamedia.com/egyptian_gods/memphis_triad.htm
Ida, Shushumna, Pingala
Ankh Sign of Life Djed Pillar Was Sceptre of Power
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