12 Hands

12 Hands http://www.murugan.org/research/venkataraman.htm
Sanatkumāra with His twelve hands, symbolically represents cosmic power of Avatāra , Heavenly Incarnation and all zodiac signs, all Rasi from Capricornus, Aquarius to Saggitarius! Man has only two hands, but his superior intellect has enabled him to invent so many tools and instruments through which he can accomplish manual tasks, even simultaneously. The combination of the six heads and twelve hands teaches us, that the ideal of humanity is the perfected being who is not only a great Yogi, but also a great worker. Two consorts also mean, that the true lider of a society will espouse agriculture and industry on the one hand, and the armed forces on the other in order to develop the society as also to protect it! The lance of dazzling brightness is the weaponwith which this Devasenāpati vanquished many enemies. It actually stands for knowledge and wisdom with which all the ugly demons of ignorance can be destroyed.