ya Terms

Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary ya 1 the 1st semivowel (corresponding to the vowels {i} and {I} , and having the sound of the English {y} , in Bengal usually pronounced {j}). 2 ya 2 m. (in prosody) n. bacchic ($) Pin3g. [cf. Ia as in Iacchos]. 3 ya 3 the actual base of the relative pronoun in declension [cf. {ya4d} and Gk. $]. ya 4 m. (in some senses fr. 1. {yA} , only L.) a goer or mover wind joining restraining fame a carriage (?) barley light ; abandoning ({A}) f. going , a car ; restraining , religious meditation ; attaining ; pudendum muliebre N. of Lakshmi1. In Sanskrit: 2 m. (in prosody) n. bacchic In the Shaivite tradition, ya is liked with ether as in Akasha.
In Arabic ya is a letter of the alphabet with a numeric value of 10 like Yodh in Hebrew and Iota in Greek. Yaa’ is the twenty-eight letter of the Arabic alphabet. It represents number ten and belongs to the element of air. It symbolizes God’s help. Shaykh ad-Dabbaagh informs us that the ‘yaa’ corresponds to the perfect fear of God, which is a part of prophecy. Cited from the website Chishti Agasti Barley Black Divine Essence Gaya Hebrew 10: Yud Iacchos Kalachakra Kalachakra Monogram Om Namah Shivaya Pearl Perfect Fear of God Phoenician 10. Yodh Prajapati 10: Narayana Restraining Wind Ya-Mateenu Yadu mAyA tvac vAyu vyAsa yoni