8 vAg-devatAs of Sanskrit

8 vAg-devatAs of Sanskrit Alphabet the unique ‘sArasvata-siddhi’ (the siddhi of all Speech and Learning) obtained by the contemplation of LalitA-Tripurasundari surrounded by the vAg-devatAs (the Gods of speech). The name ‘vAg-devatA’, if used in the singular, denotes Sarasvati Herself. When it is used in the plural, it denotes eight divinities. They are assigned as follows to the various aksharas (letters of the alphabet):
1. One for the sixteen vowels;
2.One for the five letters starting with ka;
Similarly one for each set of five letters starting respectively with
3, cha,
4. Ta,
5. ta, and
7. One for ya, ra, la and va;
8. One for sha, shha, sa, ha, La, kshha.
Thus there are eight vAg-devatAs for the 51 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.The first of these is called ‘vashinI’. Therefore all the eight are called ‘vashinI, etc. devatAs’ (vashinyAdi devatAH) or simply, ‘vashinI devatAs’ http://www.geocities.com/profvk/gohitvip/DPDS31-35.html
Many systems combine the yavarga and savarga and thus have 7 Vargas