Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary asura mfn. (2. {as} Un2.) , spiritual , incorporeal , divine m. a spirit , good spirit , supreme spirit (said of Varuna) the chief of the evil spirits an evil spirit , demon , ghost , opponent of the gods [these Asuras are often regarded as the children of Diti by Kasyapa see {daitya} ; as such they are demons of the first order in perpetual hostility with the gods , and must not be confounded with the Rakshasas or imps who animate dead bodies and disturb sacrifices] a N. of Rahu the sun a cloud m. pl.N. of a warrior-tribe , (g. {parzv-Adi} , q.v.) ; of a Vedic school ; ({A}) f. night L. ; a zodiacal sign L. ; ({I}) f. a female demon , the wife of an Asura the plant Sinapis Ramosa Roxb. L. [In later Sanskrit {sura} has been formed from {asura} , as {sita} from {asita} q.v.] 2 asura see {asu}. 3 asUra n. absence of sunlight only ({e}) loc. ind. in the night