Divine Lustre

Divine Lustre King Kashyapa has three wives Aditi, Diti and Danuvu. Raja was the son born to Danuvu. Raja loved Vaaruni, daughter of Varuna or Neptune. As a token of love, Raja transferred all his powers to Vaaruni. Making use of these powers, Vaaruni ‘dissolved’ herself in water. However, Raja followed her and dissolved. During that time, Chandra or moon churned water for children. While the churning was in progress, Vishnu shows his reflection in water, resulting in transformation of water into devine luster. Then Brihaspati’s (Jupiter) wife Tara hands over this luster to Chandra or moon’s wife Rohini. Budha is said to have born out of this luster http://www.acharyaonline.com/buda.htm