mahArAja m. a great king , reigning prince , supreme sovereign Br. &c. &c. N. of the moon MaitrS of a partic. deity ManGr. (%{-rAjan@}!) A1past. of Kubera TAr. of Vishnu BhP. pl. (with Buddhists) a partic. class of divine beings (the guardians of the earth and heavens against the demons) MWB. 206 a Jina Gal. N. of Manjusri1 L. of the successors of Vallabhacarya (founder of a sect) RTL. 135 &c. a finger-nail L. {-kulIna} mfn. belonging to a race of great kings R. {-cUta} m. a kind of mango L. {-druma} m. Cathartocarpus Fistula L. {-nighaNTu} m. N. of wk. {-phala} m. a kind of mango L. {-mizra} m. N. of a man Cat. {-jAGgaNa} (or {-gana}) n. the courtyard in the palace of a reigning prince R. {-jAdhirAja} m. a paramount sovereign , emperor Kad.