sArvabhaumA mfn. (fr. {sarva-bhUmi}) relating to or consisting of or ruling over the whole earth , comprising the whole world , known throughout the world S3Br. &c. &c. [1210,2] relating to all conditions of the mind Yogas. Sch. m. an emperor , universal monarch AitBr. &c. &c. N. of a son of Aham-ya1ti MBh. of a son of Su-dharman Hariv. of a son of Viduratha Pur. of various authors (also with %{bhaTTAcArya} , and {mizra}) Cat. of the elephant of Kubera (regent of the north) R. Vas. {am}) n. sovereignty over the whole earth , universal empire BhP. {-gRha} n. an imperial palace L. {-bhavana} n. id. , Santis. {-vrata} n. a partic. religious observance Cat. {-sarvasve@rAma-sU7kta} {-siddhAnta} m. N. of wks.