vedanA Cologne Sanksrit Dictionary vedana 1 mfn. (for 2. see p. 1017 , col. 2) announcing , proclaiming (see {bhaga-v-}) n. perception , knowledge Nir. MBh. Kav. &c. (rarely {A} f.) making known , proclaiming Rajat. {A}) f. pain , torture , agony (also personified as a daughter of Anrita) MBh. R. &c. (exceptionally n.) feeling , sensation Ya1jn5. S3is3. (with Buddhists one of the 5 Skandhas MWB. 109) {I}) f. the true skin or cutis L. 2 vedana 2 mfn. finding , procuring (see {naSTa} and {pati-v-}) n. the act of finding , falling in with (gen.) MBh. the act of marrying (said of both sexes , esp. the marriage of a Sudra woman with a man of a higher caste cf. Mn. iii , 44 , and {utkRSTa-v-}) Mn. Yajn. the ceremony of holding the ends of a mantle (observed by a Sudra female on her marriage with a man of a higher caste) W. property , goods RV. AV. [1017,3]